University of Groningen


The Cognitive Modeling group at the University of Groningen (UoG) is an interdepartmental group supported by the departments of Experimental Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. The group consists of six tenured faculty members, two post-docs, and about 15 PhD students. The CM group focuses on the study of cognition by means of formal modelling based on symbolic/computational and mathematical paradigms. This formal modelling work is supported by empirical work using fMRI, EEG, MEG and pupillary data.

Background: The CM Group has a strong international position in the field of interval timing, skill learning, memory and language research, both in fundamental and more applied research settings. The CM Group has strong connections with Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, and Princeton University which will be exploited in TimeStorm.

Specific Role in TimeStorm: UoG will focus on the interaction between time processing and other cognitive faculties such as memory, strategy and skills. It will conduct brain fMRI, EEG studies and will develop cognitive models of time perception. Additionally UoG will contribute in the theoretical integration of experimental results and the assessment of models and robotic embodiments.

Key Personnel
Hedderik van Rijn (PI): hedderik [AT] van-rijn [DOT] org
Sabine Scholz: s.scholz [AT] rug [DOT] nl