Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas


The Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) will participate in the project with the Computational Vision and Robotics Laboratory (CVRL). The lab was established in 1985 and today employs 25 highly skilled and experienced scientists, engineers and technicians. CVRL’s activities emphasize research, development and targeted applications in the areas of computational vision, brain modelling, cognitive robots and autonomous navigation. CVRL participates currently (and has participated in the past) in various national and European funded projects.

Background: FORTH has recently investigated artificial sense of time and how the temporal characteristics of real world phenomena modulate the acquisition, representation and abstraction of behavioural skills, in self-organized neural networks developing brain-like properties.

Specific Role in TimeStorm: FORTH will coordinate TimeStorm and will assume roles related mainly to the neurocomputational modelling and the integration of partial models into the Full model. Additionally, FORTH will significantly contribute in the embodiment of models and the demonstration of synergetic human robot interaction. Additionally it will be involved in the assessment of the models considering experiments that may provide feedback to neuroscience.

Key Personnel
Panos Trahanias (PI): trahania [AT] ics [DOT] forth [DOT] gr
Michail Maniadakis: mmaniada [AT] ics [DOT] forth [DOT] gr
Emmanouil Hourdakis: ehourdakis [AT] ics [DOT] forth [DOT] gr