Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

KITThe Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) takes part in the TimeSTrom through the Chair on Humanoid Robotics Systems, High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H2T) (www.humanoids.kit.edu). H2T has strong expertise in humanoid robotics. Specifically, the group has been working extensively on humanoid robotics towards the implementation of high performance and versatile 24/7 humanoids able to predict, act and interact in the real world and perform a wide variety of tasks.

Background: The major research topics of the group include humanoid mechatronics and design, grasping and dexterous manipulation, goal-directed imitation learning, active vision and active touch, multimodal exploration, modelling and analysis of human motion, software and hardware architectures and system integration.

Specific Role in TimeStorm: KIT will contribute to the project in the embodiment of partial and full models into the humanoid robot ARMAR. Additionally, KIT will provide to the project the currently existing kitchen setup that will be used for the assessment of the models in real world condition. With its proven experience in Object-Action Complexes, KIT will also contribute in bridging cognitive and neurocomputational models, facilitating the transfer of time processing mechanisms from one domain to the other.

Key Personnel
Tamim Asfour (PI): asfour [AT] kit [DOT] edu
Eren Erdal Aksoy: eren [DOT] aksoy [AT] kit [DOT] edu